Commercial Radon Services

Commercial Radon Services

Commercial Radon Mitigation

Many often think of radon exposure as being an issue exclusive to residential properties. After all, since it is where we spend much of our time, it would make sense that we are most at risk for long-term exposure in the confines of our homes. However, the reality is that commercial properties are just as susceptible to radon as any other property. Whether for a storefront, school, hospital, or office building, indoor radon exposure can pose a major threat to your staff and customers.

Commercial vs. Residential Radon

In terms of functionality, mitigation systems for commercial and residential properties are incredibly similar. Both are designed to draw radon from the soil beneath a given structure and safely exhaust it out and away from the property, either via sub-slab or sub-membrane depressurization. However, there are three key differences that can make commercial radon mitigation much more complicated.

Mitigation for Any Commercial Property

Southwest Radon Eliminators provides radon testing and mitigation services for the many commercial properties across the Southwest, including:

Our NRPP Certified Professionals perform comprehensive inspections and site analyses to determine and the best radon mitigation system for your property. Contact us today to schedule an inspection!

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Had home radon evaluation and remediation conducted. Owner Lynn was very professional and thorough with the process. Answered all our questions and found most effective and convenient location for remediation system install. Successfully got our high radon levels under the recommended levels. Highly recommend for this and any other services.

John S, Google Review

He responded immediately and set an appointment that was convenient for me. He arrived early for the appointment and started work immediately. I found his report to be very thorough and efficient with extra resource information attached.

Nichole B., Google Review

I would highly recommend them… incredibly thorough & professional. Their communication throughout the entire process was timely, effective & accurate. Completely happy with their overall service & would use them again in a heartbeat!

Kevin R., Google Review



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Radon in Finished vs Unfinished Basements

May 3, 2024|

Radon infiltrates homes and businesses particularly through basements, posing significant health risks such as respiratory illnesses and lung cancer. Radon mitigation strategies vary based on whether basements are finished or unfinished, with different sealing and ventilation qualities influencing radon levels and the effectiveness of treatments.