What is an OM&M Plan?

An OM&M is a comprehensive document that outlines the strategies and procedures for managing radon gas in a given structure. Typically, these plans are developed for multitenant/occupant buildings such as apartment complexes, office spaces, schools, and other larger commercial buildings where elevated radon levels have been detected or are expected based on geographic location or other factors. The plan is designed to facilitate basic maintenance and risk monitoring, ensuring that radon levels are monitored, controlled, and maintained within acceptable limits to minimize health risks for occupants.

The specifics of an OM&M Plan may vary depending on the size and complexity of the building or facility, local regulations, and the expertise of the individuals involved in developing the plan. However, per AARST’s standards, there are essential pieces of information that all OM&M plans should include the following:

  • Retests – It is recommended to retest every 2 years, following AARST’s Protocol for Conducting Radon and Radon Decay Product Measurements in Homes or other applicable protocols.

  • Fan Monitors – Provide a description of the fan monitor(s) and recommend monthly checks or as specified in the operational and maintenance plan. Document startup parameters, including pressure gauge readings during successful mitigation, and provide a list of actions for system degradation or failure.

  • System Description – Describe the installed mitigation system(s), including basic operating principles, system layout narrative or labeled components on a floor plan, and potential photographic documentation.

  • Warranty Limitations – State contractor’s limitations regarding professional obligations, future maintenance, and monitoring of mitigation system(s) effectiveness.

  • Important Observations – Describe any observations that may adversely affect the mitigation system(s) or building systems, including deviations from standards or state requirements.

  • Contact Information – Provide service inquiry contact details and identify the qualified mitigation professional, including name, address, phone number, relevant radon mitigation certification and/or licensing number. Mention that manual or electronic signatures are accepted in compliance with the E-SIGN Act.

Importance of Having a Radon OM&M Plan

Overall, an OM&M plan provides a structured approach to radon gas management, promotes compliance with regulations, protects occupant health, and helps maintain a safe and healthy indoor environment. This provides numerous logistical, operational, and health benefits:

  • Health Protection – An OM&M plan safeguards the health of building occupants by continuously monitoring and maintaining radon levels within safe limits, mitigating the risk of harmful exposure to this known carcinogen and the second leading cause of lung cancer.

  • Regulation Compliance – Implementing an OM&M plan ensures compliance with established regulations and guidelines for radon gas management in multitenant and multifamily properties. This proactive approach helps avoid legal issues and penalties while demonstrating a commitment to maintaining a safe indoor environment.

  • Effective Mitigation – With an OM&M plan, comprehensive strategies and procedures are outlined to effectively mitigate radon gas. Through regular monitoring and maintenance activities, the plan ensures optimal functioning of your mitigation system and its many components, successfully reducing radon levels within the building.

  • Long-Term Risk Reduction – By establishing a framework for continuous monitoring and maintenance, an OM&M plan allows for ongoing assessment and adjustment of radon mitigation strategies. This minimizes the long-term risk of elevated radon levels and enables prompt actions to be taken if levels rise due to changes in construction, ventilation patterns, or soil conditions.

  • Occupant Awareness & Confidence – An OM&M plan fosters occupant awareness about radon gas and instills confidence by transparently communicating monitoring efforts, mitigation measures, and maintenance activities. This open communication builds trust among occupants, assuring them that their safety is a top priority.

  • Documentation & Accountability – An OM&M plan establishes a systematic record-keeping system for radon-related activities. By documenting monitoring results, maintenance schedules, and implemented mitigation measures, the plan enables effective tracking of mitigation efforts, identification of trends, and ensures accountability for maintaining a radon-safe environment.

By prioritizing health protection, ensuring compliance with regulations, implementing effective mitigation strategies, and maintaining a proactive and accountable approach, an OM&M plan safeguards occupants and provides a safe and healthy indoor environment. Consult with the radon measurement professionals at Southwest Radon Eliminators to develop an effective OM&M plan for your multifamily and multitenant properties!