Radon Leaders Saving Lives

The most notable programs promoted during National Radon Action Month is the Radon Leaders Saving Lives Campaign, hosted by the Conference of Radiation Control Program Directors (CRCPD). Launched in 2007 as a collaborative effort between CRCPD, EPA, and AARST, this program aimed to double the number of lives saved from radon-induced lung cancer over a five-year period and onward.

These organizations also worked collaboratively on developing an accompanying online platform known as RadonLeaders.org. This platform brings together leaders in the radon testing and mitigation industry, community leaders, health organizations, and local groups. It provides tools, educational materials, and various other resources to help further the cause of raising awareness of the health risks of indoor radon.

Radiation Control Programs

Aside from Radon Leaders Saving Lives, the CRCPD has also helped develop and sponsor numerous radiation control programs across the country. This includes helping several organizations across Colorado, New Mexico, Arizona, and Texas:

  • Colorado – Located in Denver, The Colorado Department of Public Health & Environment has developed a comprehensive radiation control program to protect the public, environment, and radiation workers from sources of radiation, including radon. This includes detailed resources outlining the health effects of radon and how to test your home for radon. It also has valuable information on radon in relation to real estate transactions and homebuilders, including radon resistant construction.

  • New Mexico – The New Mexico Department of Environment’s Radiation Control Bureau works to protect homeowners, business owners, workers, and the environment from all manner of radioactive hazards. They also manage the Indoor Radon Outreach Program. This program works to raise awareness of health risks associated with indoor radon, encouraging routine testing while providing informational resources and free radon test kits to the residents and business owners of New Mexico.

  • Arizona – Like other states across the Southwest, the Arizona Department of Health Services’ Bureau of Radiation Control has developed a wide range of online resources to help protect its citizens from radioactive hazards like radon. This includes the State Indoor Radon Grant Program (SIRG). This program not only provides free radon testing kits but also provides continuous assessments of radon hazards in Arizona including measuring radon levels in public schools and other publicly owned facilities.

  • Texas – The Texas Department of State Health Services’ Radiation Control Program works to provide protection from radon exposure through routine testing and scrupulous enforcement of inspection standards, licensing, and registration for professionals providing radon testing and mitigation services. On top of that, the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality also provides numerous resources regarding radon emissions and radionuclides found in drinking water.

Interested in learning more about how you can better protect your home or business from indoor radon this National Radon Action Month? We are here to help! Our licensed and certified Radon Measurement and Mitigation Professionals provide comprehensive testing, mitigation, and mitigation system maintenance across the Southwest from Texas to Arizona.